Andreae Guarneri 1626-1698.
Born in Cremona and worked with the brothers Amati and Stradivari, was the founder of the famous Guarnerius family. This model, I find works well regardless of the choise of wood I use. Open or close grained wood will make two different instruments, but both will be equally powerful and pleasing to the ear.

Matteo Goffriller 1670-1742
Goffriller style is certainly individual. Few Violas exsist today. This viola shows many characteristics peculiar to Goffriller.

Gasparo da Salò 1542-1609.
Viola's of Gasparo are rare and have a finer apperance than his violin's. They are normally of rather large proportions but this model has a body length of 392m.m. or 15.1/2. inches. The earliest known violins which exsist today are attributted to Gasparo da Salò. A pupil of Girolami Virchi a lute maker. Gasparo is regarded as the pioneer in designing the violin as we know it today.

G B Guadagnini 2nd.1711-1786.
Chirstend "Giambattista" known as Joannes Baptista worked in Perma and Turin. His instruments labeled from 1772 when he moved to Turin are of his best period. The viola of 1785 is 402m.m. or 15.7/8 inches long.

James Beatley 16 1/2" Viola.
This large viola is a combination of all the finer aesthitic details of the best makers. Moastly influenced by the Andrea Guarneri contralta viola, but of all the instruments I make I think this has more of me in it. The peg box is made without the cheeks.

James Beatley 15 1/2" Viola.
This viola is basically a scaled down model of the Guarneri 1676. I have made this model more frequent than the others. Its small size suites the smaller artist or young violist. Always works well giving a varied color of tone depending on the wood used. The Guarneri arching even though scaled down delivers good projection. Being of small stature myself this is my favorite model to make.