New "TOVA" set - up for Violin,Viola,Cello and Bass.

To be launched in February 2023 this new set-up is an exciting and revolutionary new set-up
making for ease of playing and changes the overall acoustic experience.
It's main feature is to make the strings vibrate from a much further point behind the bridge.
This requires a special tailpiece and longer strings. Wittner fine-tune pegs are also part of this set-up.
Three of the main string brands are on board and already have the longer strings in production.
The TOVA name will distinguish them from the standard length string. The images below show a violin,
cello and Pochette violin with the Tova set-up . Because Bass's have machine heads only the tail piece and
strings are changed for Tova set-up.

For a quote to convert your instrument to the new TOVA set - up email James Beatley,


Violin with TOVA set up.

Pochette violin with TOVA set up.

Cello with TOVA set up.


TOVA-Innovations Ltd. was founded with the mission to find the best solution for the most optimal setups of string instruments to make the most of their aural potential and to achieve the easiest playing on the instruments.
Emphasis is put on the condition and value preservation of those musical instruments with the use of a very simple tool called TOVA Tailpiece System.
With the invention of the System, we have created an accessory that combines the well-established traditions of string instrument setup
with the achievements of new technological developments in the modern age.
Our invention has opened a new perspective on the possibilities of sounding of the musical instruments. TOVA Tailpiece System is not only an
unavoidable static accessory, but an important element that actively contributes to the producing of sound.
With the optimal tensioning of the string part under the bridge and the release of the rotational movement of the bridge, the sound registers
of the instruments are balanced. Wolf Tone created by general overexertion is reduced or eliminated due to balance. Using the system allows the player
to produce a wide range of tone colors while the sound becomes much more manageable for the instrumentalist.
The System was tested on more than two hundred instruments of completely different quality and the results were beyond our expectations.
Instruments of different qualities and prices have shown an equally positive result. After trying out our product none of the players returned to their original setup.
Because our system works with special long strings, we have contracted with the best string manufacturers who produce strings of the highest quality specially designed for the TOVA system.