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Warchal Timbre Violin Strings.

The best strings ever made by Warchal only available through Luthiers.
According to Warchal these strings are the best ever made by Warchal. Playing in time is only 12 minutes. The Strings are sold to luthiers in bulk and don't have individual packaging except for the E string, comes coiled in a packet. The G,D & A come in bulk tubes for Luthiers only. Keeping the strings straight in a tube makes for the best acoustic condition. Fitting is free. The Timber E string is made the same as the Amber E shown here on the left. The string wound up like a spring as it passes over the bridge does not straighten perfectly when in pitch. This allows for flexibility having better acoustic properties which most E strings lack.

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String Core Winding Materials Tension (n) String end Colour
E Stainless Steel none 83.6(n) Ball Yellow
E Stainless Steel None 83.6(n) Loop Yellow
A W-Core 2.0 Hydronalium / Hydronalium 54.3(n) Ball Blue
A Steel Syntetic monofilament/stainless steel 65.3(n) Ball Blue
A Steel Syntetic monofilament/stainless steel 65.3(n) Loop Blue
D W-Core 2.0 Hydronalium Silver 46.1(n) Ball Green
G W-Core 2.0 Stainless steel /Silver 45.6(n) Ball Dark Red