Anima Nova by Pal Molnar

Anima Nova is the brand name for this new carbon fibre soundpost.
Mr. Molnar inventor of this innovative new soundpost which will dramatically change the sonority of your instrument.
Your standard wood sound post transmits vibrations from the front or belly to the back but it also has a dampening effect.
This new soundpost eliminates the damping by having contact pads set in a ball socket and allow for free movement of the plates.
Its length is adjustable in increments of one hundred of a millimeter. This fine adjustment allows you to get the exact pressure or tension between the plates.
When this is correct the sustaining resonance of the notes is prolonged with greater intensity. I have fitted one into my own violin and I am very pleased with
the overall clarity of the notes in all positions. I play traditional Irish and Scottish music and very rarely change out of first position, since fitting the new
soundost it seems much easier to move to different positions with better accuracy in intonation. The images below show the carbon soundpost fitted into my violin No: 91

The contact pads have a bigger area contact than a normal wood soundpost. So directly more soundpost fibres in the belly are excited.
This is important especially in the belly. William Fry in his book "The Quest for the Secrets of Cremona Violins"
describes the soundpost fibres as the "nervous and muscular system of the violin"
Being able to adjust the soundpost in extremely fine increments allows one to get the whole instrument working in phase.
Many instruments are often out of phase between the upper and lower bouts or worse between the belly and back.
If you have a fine instrument that works well this new carbon fibre soundpost will make it work better.
For more detailed info and images on plate tuning and Chladni patterns click here Eigenmodes.

Prices including fitting

Violin: €460.00
Viola: €510.00
Cello: €560.00
Bass: €660.00
Any questions or enquires please email.

Or visit the maker's website at this link below.