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Perry and Wilkinson Violin made in Dublin 1807 and Repaired by Robert Irvine of Belfast in 1892 also having some older repairs. This violin has many cracks in the front and some are opening with age. So I am opening cleaning and gluing most of the cracks in the belly. Previous repairers have made the edges thin in parts and damage from removing the front requires half edging repairs see image where new wood has been fitted restoring the thickness and gluing platform. Also I have fitted a soundpost patch which should have been done even though the cracks in this area are short. But the damage done to the inside of the belly by incorrectly fitted sound post require this repair now. Some minor repairs to the back seem to be holding well. One lining on the upper treble side rib needs resetting. A new bottom block fitted the old one had two cracks on each side of the endpin. I shortened the lower bout ribs to allow them to be reseated on their gluing platform, this repair needs to be done with old instruments as the belly and back shrink across the grain and then the ribs are too long and the bouts keep opening. Previously the scroll has been grafted onto a new neck to modify from baroque to modern set up. The peg holes are maxed out so I have fitted peg bushings to bring it back to standard protecting the peg box into the future. Before and after images tell the story. Back to repairs. Back to Violin Sales