Wittner finetune pegs

These pegs are a geared peg so there is no need to have fine tuners on the tailpiece.
Eliminating moving parts and weight which absorb energy. The peg box will have a longer life.
The shafts of the peg are fixed in the pegbox. Only the section of the shaft moves which has the string wound on.
Never again will pegs slip due to climate or temperature change. Acoustically this is the best set up because
all the strings vibrate from the saddle on the tailpiece. This point is usually 1/6 of the string length from
the nut to bridge. When this is correct the plucked string behind the bridge is in harmony with the plucked open string.
Your instrument will work with more overtones and harmonics creating a better tone.
Your instrument will also stay in tune better. Because of the gears the pegs turn with little effort and you will not
be able to feel the actual tension of the string which eliminates the anxiety of tuning with traditional pegs.

Violin Finetune pegs: Including fitting Total amount €145.00.

Viola Finetune pegs: Including fitting Total amount €145.00.

Cello Finetune pegs: Total amount €180.00.

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